You confer with us for a period of time on a certain number of intervals every month or every week. and the variation depends on what the objective entails. When we are in counseling mode it’s one thing, and when we are verbalizing and conceptualizing, Designing & framing ads or initiating sales letters or selling propositions or creating integrative strategies, is something else, as it’s more exhaustive and we make sure that it is done to perfection, yet, we are very good at it as we have done a lot.
We can work on project by project need bases and if you have an issue / problem or idea that you need to solve or roll out we can do this together with you and make it happen the best way it should be.
We can agree to work on a market retainer bases which is an ongoing marketing support . We become your marketing mind and arm with no need to hire a marketing department (unless it is our objective) we take it all the way from idea generation to implementation.

Type Of Services

The services that we offer are our practical and real life experiences rather than theoretical work, which we believe is our key advantage, as we have been there and have done it before and we understand the problems and the complexities you face and what business pressure that it puts you under . Some of the services that we provide are as follows :-

Vision & Mission Setting

Setting the company vision and mission is key for businesses success, as it models out what the company is aiming to achieve and generate clarity across the full organization, we can support on this front through intensive meetings with the key stakeholders we formularize and generate a well fitted vision & mission required for the company according to the industry and service provided.

Marketing Function Establishment

Design and establish the right marketing department structure required in place, drafting the job descriptions, assisting in the right caliber hire and training them on the key requirements.

Marketing Systems

Marketing is a very wide field but yet without the right measures and systems in place the business can never be able to either control or measure the marketing effectiveness and impact .

We set the marketing KPIs in place that enables to monitor the marketing programs performance as well as the marketing team impact.
A lot of companies operate without a clear systems and procedures which makes the company fragile and unable to roll out the key programs and plans, we develop these S&OP across all departments ensuring a smooth cross functional interaction to enable the success and roll out of the different initiatives and programs.
We work on ways to enhance the marketing and sales forecast techniques to improve the accuracy of numbers and reduce complexity.
Marketing Strategy

Strategy Development

Marketing Strategic plans are critical to the success of the organizations as the most dangerous in any business cycle is a strategy that is always changing , once set strategy is set we have to be true to achieving and the operational plans help to achieve the long term strategy

Based on the company’s scope , size of business , objectives, we set the strategy in place that the company should adopt to achieve the objectives set , the strategic plan could cover 3 years time frame with all innovation required to roll out and implement.
We create the operational marketing plans that needs to achieve the business objectives as well as deliver against the strategic plans.
We set the programs in place, generate the ideas and we supervise agencies to achieve required on ground roll out , it includes : Road Shows, Mall Activation , Beach Activation , sampling etc..
Marketing Competitive intelligence

USP (Unique Selling Preposition)

Through studying the market and the key competitors within in , we develop and generate the company’s competitive advantage as well as the unique selling preposition that enables the company to uniquely stand for.

Market research projects

According to the fact base required we set the market research plans required and work with agencies in fulfilling this plan ensuring the best fact base generated that would enable setting the right strategic objectives ranging from concept testing, product testing, customer service satisfaction, on line research required.

Market Segmentation

Looking into the different segments and the portfolio of services or products that the company is working on, we set the right portfolio in place with hard recommendation of delisting any unrequired products or services while setting the DE complexity model in place as well as rolling it out if required.

To enable the business growth there could be a need for innovation and innovation will cover different segments , starting with the core services & products that the company offer . We work with the internal team from idea generation and validation till roll out and market launch.
We work on the pricing set for all services & products ensuring that they are generating the required levels of revenues as well as ensuring the right company profitability.
We develop all marketing plans that ensures the achievements of the goals and objectives while rolling out the different programs.
Trade Channel Strategy

Setting the right marketing channel strategy by type of channel and tailor them to suit the different types of channels (retail , whole sale , distributor etc..) to strengthen the overall marketing strategy.

Distribution Strategy

Define the key distribution weaknesses and provide areas of opportunities and ways to achieve it.

Sales Training

We provide sales training on the company’s overall vision, objectives , strategy and programs to ensure their buy in.

Promotion Programs

Develop promotional programs that works towards achieving the marketing objectives and part of the overall market strategy – we take it from idea to implementation , this includes physical promotional , BTL and consumer activation.

Communication Development

We define the right type of communication required that suits the business needs and the agreed on budgets , we work with agencies ensuring the best campaign that meets the client brief and the business objectives and we supervise shot and final material delivery. Our work includes both off line and on line communication plans.

Strategic Media Plans Setting and Buying

Developing the right channels and tools from a media front that would fulfill the marketing / sales objectives , ensuring the best media buying rates . Establish strong media partners relationships that could enable creative media buying and placement whenever required.

Digital Strategy

According to the type of business we set the digital strategy required through the main company establishing the main tools required ranging from SEO, SEM, Google ad works, web site development, mobile applications, social media management etc .. while implementing and rolling our these services.

External and Internal Relations

Managing any required government , media & PR relationship as well as external stakeholders that ensures strong company relationships to ensure smooth work flow if required.